Plew Parent Leaders Association
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Welcome to the Plew Parent Leaders Association Website

Who are we?

The Plew Parent Leaders Association is a community organization dedicated to finding ways to enhance the educational experience of students attending James E Plew Elementary. We work with the parents, teachers, administration and staff to help Plew Elementary be the best elementary school it can possibly be. We help facilitate this through parent volunteering, scheduling community fundraising events for our members and through corporate fundraising.

Who are our members?

The Plew Parent Leaders Association is comprised of the family of Plew Elementary students. Admission to the Plew PLA is free. Membership allows access to vote at all our General Membership meetings, an invitation to attend all monthly Plew PLA meetings, and an opportunity to volunteer for all Plew PLA activities.

The Plew PLA is open to hearing to new ideas and feedback. We welcome your ideas. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or ideas you'd like to share.

How can I help?

First and foremost, we'd like to encourage parents to participate in the PLA. Come to the meetings, look for our flyers and join our Facebook group to get information about volunteering opportunities as they arise. Also follow the PLA events page on Facebook to learn about upcoming events and attend these events whenever possible. One of the goals of the PLA is to foster a sense of community among Plew Elementary families.

Business members of the community can contribute in manys ways. Occassionally there are opportunies for businesses to donate directly to the PLA. Businesses have sponsored specific improvements at Plew Elementary. Businesses have also contributed goods, services and time to specific school events as well as auction items such as those offered at Plew PLA's annual Evening of the Arts Event.

Want to follow our events on Facebook?